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It was originally scheduled to air on October 1 but was moved to August 27 as the second episode with included a special opening dedicated Lane's memory.

In addition, the Stephen Pearcy/Tim "Ripper" Owens episode now aired as the seventh episode.

A special last-minute tribute to Twisted Sister drummer A. Pero, who died a week earlier on March 20, was included in the sixth episode along with an appearance by his bandmates.

This is the last season to be taped in Los Angeles before returning to New York in season 13.Attend master classes; attend the opening night party and all-star counselor jam as well as the live performances at Lucky Strike and the Whisky A Go Go on the legendary Sunset Strip plus much more!Dave Mustaine is best known as the founder, guitarist, lead singer, and primary songwriter of the band Megadeth, and the original lead guitarist of the band Metallica.Season 12 is also the only season to include the round table format.It was announced that season 13 will be moved to New York for the first time since season 4 with episodes being taped every Tuesday at the Metropolis Studio for 12 weeks except for the last two episodes that were both filmed on the same day.

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This season also marks the return of "The Throwdown", "Pick of the Week" and "What Going On With..." after they were absent in season 12.

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