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It is important to note that Nam US does not provide a completely accurate number because it is a voluntary public database used by both law enforcement and the public to share information. 23, 2015 | Race: White | Sex: Female | Height: 65 to 67 inches | Weight: 150 to 160 pounds | Hailee Bogle was last seen in Phoenix and may have dyed her hair black. Maya has a history of providing false names and may portray herself as an adult.These are all the Arizona children in the Nam Us registry. Alexis Alexzandrea Miller, 17 | City: Phoenix, Ariz.While they waited, “Mike” became a teaching tool for anthropology students. An unlikely series of events led to his murder and, two and a half decades later, to his identification.Mertes grew up in Marysville, Washington, where he was raised by a working mother along with his sister, Toinette Benson.Laura Fulginiti had developed a certain rapport with him.

“Then one of his childhood friends introduced him to the opportunity of selling cocaine.”Mertes was in his mid-20s when he took off with his friend. They presumed he went to California and now have some reason to believe he might have gotten involved with the “Mexican Mafia.”“But the crazy part is, he didn’t get murdered from that,” Beson said.He dropped out of high school and went straight to work in construction.Always a prankster, the life of the party, deep down he was emotionally fragile.In 1988, Todd’s burned skeletal remains were discovered by a hiker in the desert near Interstate 10 and 339th Avenue.But because Carol and Michael knew Mertes as “Mike,” the connection to the missing person report in Washington state was never made.

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The tools and technology have advanced so much in recent years.

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