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If you have dark skin, it's fairly common to have streaks of the pigment melanin down your fingernails, according to NHS Choices.However, they shouldn't be ignored, as dark stripes may sometimes be a form of skin cancer called subungual melanoma.Acrylic paint is water based, so if you paint the inside of your jars you won’t be able to fill them with water without the paint washing away.So this site suggests putting a paper cup in the bottom first if you want to use the jars as a vase.Well, I learned my lesson with my mason jar Give Thanks tutorial.I painted the outside of these jars and then learned just how easily the paint scratched off when touched or bumped–this won’t happen if you paint the inside.The woman had been told by others the mark could be a blood blister or due to a calcium deficiency.'I did not want to frighten my client, but I told her she needed to see her doctor immediately,' she wrote.'She called me today to tell me that, yes, the dark stripe indicated a very aggressive melanoma, and that it has already spread to her lymph nodes.

First I squirted a generous amount of paint directly into the bottom of the jar (approximately 1/2 an inch).

Next I cut some fresh flowers from my patio and stylized the jars.

Later this week, I’m going to use the jars down the center of the table for my dinner party (remember that gourmet club I’m in here).

Once you feel that a majority of the excess paint is gone, turn the jars upright and continue to let them dry for a few hours.

Again, because we’re using acrylic paint, if you accidentally get any smudges on the outside of the jars you can simply scratch it off with your fingernail.

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