Natasha bedingfield and sean kingston dating

The pair previously told Collective Hub magazine that their business model has nothing to do with 'selling sex', adding 'the majority of (their) audience is female'.Sydney-born entrepreneur Tash said: 'They look to us because we are both relatable and aspirational.In one sizzling shot they are seen seated on a boat against a beautiful backdrop of the scenic harbour.Devin wears a white suit that reveals her tattoo scripture on her ribs.

Bedingfield attended a year at the University of Greenwich, where she studied psychology, then left to concentrate on singing and songwriting.

'The late nights packing orders, dealing with our manufacturers, managing our team in L.

A and shooting thousands of images for our e-commerce platforms.

The album contained uptempo pop rock songs and influences from R&B music.

Reviews of the album were generally positive and it was described as a "well-made pop album for the new millennium" by Allmusic.

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It doesn't stop so I don't stop,' Natasha lamented Natasha launched A Bikini A Day in 2012 alongside her pal Devin Brugman.

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