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The community had to move frequently to avoid pressure from local authorities.This area was also known for its hustlers and prostitution, but the police were more concerned with finding people participating in homosexual acts.He realized that he could drastically over charge the gay patrons to be in a place they could socialize comfortably, considering that in a straight bars they could legally be denied service because of their sexuality, or presumed sexuality.Before he was properly arrested Koury left Richmond to go on the run from the police.From the 1940s till the late 1970s Richmond had an underground culture that thrived beneath vigilant eyes.

The regulations used to persecute the gays are as follows: - Section 4-37 states in part “…

The shutdown of both bars resulted in the first open protest against anti-gay action in Richmond.

Leo Joseph Koury was a notorious figure in the Block community due to his monopoly on exploiting the gay community.

Ironically, until 2016, the VCU police department was housed where Eton’s used to be.

Renee's was another popular gay bar that took the place of Marroni’s in the Capitol Hotel. Like all the gay bars in the area, the ABC was constantly trying to shut it down.

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