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The bloodshed began when inmates of one wing broke into another at the Agricola de Monte Cristo prison in the Roraima state capital, Boa Vista.

Prisoners were armed with knives and wooden clubs, an inmate's wife who was in the prison told news site G1.

The possibility of ecosystem boundary changes in northern Brazilian Amazonia during the Holocene period was investigated using soil organic carbon isotope ratios.

Determination of past and present fluctuations of the forest-savanna boundary involved the measurement of natural C values obtained from deeper savanna and forest soil layers indicated that the vegetation type has changed in the past.

The clash between two rival factions in a prison in the far northern state of Roraima killed 10 on Sunday, regional government spokeswoman Jessica Laurie told AFP."The inmates were armed with stones and pieces of wood that they ripped from the walls.

They used those bits of wood to decapitate their rivals.

During the middle Holocene, the forest could have strongly regressed, and fires appeared, with a maximum development of the savanna vegetation.

It was the latest eruption of gruesome violence to hit Brazil's underfunded and overcrowded prisons.In current savanna soil profiles, we observed the presence of mid-Holocene charcoals derived from forest species: fire frequency at that time was probably greater, and more extensive savanna may have resulted.Isotope data and the presence of these charcoals thus suggest that the forest-savanna boundary has shifted significantly in the recent Holocene period, forest being more extensive during the early Holocene than today.We suspect a clash between rival factions," a police official in the state capital, Porto Velho, told AFP."There are thought to be eight people dead, but the bodies are burned and the medical authorities will have to confirm" the toll, a police spokesman said.A third riot broke out Monday evening at a prison in Sao Paulo, police said.

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