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While the development of economic corporate groups is a phenomenon common to most societies, and appears to be something new emerging in the urban societies of the South Pacific, the process of class formation and class conflict may be different and much more complex in the South Pacific than in other contemporary societies.In the South Pacific the process involves much more than a simple division between skilled and unskilled local workers, or a struggle between the proletariat and the modern capitalists.Black staff members did not take part in the strike, but a considerable number of high income, skilled tradesmen were directly involved.

Mass action by mine workers in Bougainville provides a recent example and is regarded, at least by the Socialist Labour League of Australia (Workers News, May 22, 1975) as part of a world-wide movement against monopoly domination and capitalism.

Such an approach precluded an analysis of the underlying class structure that was emerging, and the position of race and ethnicity in that structure.

It is suggested that a number of factors, both historical and contemporary, must be taken into account before an attempt can be made to determine the extent to which urban man in the South Pacific is likely to develop into an urban industrial proletariat.

But in recent years it would appear from the growing industrial unrest in some urban centres of the South Pacific that a crucial transformation has already taken place.

The importance of class-analysis for explaining contemporary behaviour is indicated by several developments in the early independence period.

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Police action and mass arrests eventually put an end to the strike.

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