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However, the new management will prove to be extremely awkward for Murtaugh, since he has a past with his new boss that's surging with sexual tension; something that could also affect his marriage with Trish.The character should create an entirely new dynamic at the precinct.

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When Nick Jenkins' fiancée suddenly gets cold feet, the man who was once looking forward to marriage is suddenly forced to dive headfirst back into the dating pool.

Nick (Austin Peck) is a decent guy in a tight spot, but with a little help from his good-hearted roommate Jed (Stefan Marc), he may find the love of his life yet.

, which featured cast members from his days with the comedy troupe The State, whose 1990s-era MTV series remains the stuff of sketch comedy legend.

Besides myriad voice roles in animated shows and features, Lennon also appeared in major films such as director Christopher Nolan’s breakthrough hit Memento, Lindsay Lohan peak-stardom-era vehicle Herbie Fully Loaded and played aviation pioneer sibling Wilbur Wright in the Night at the Museum films. She will play Gina Santos, a police big shot who arrives to take control of our heroes' division as chief, superseding the authority of Captain Avery.

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With his roommate and best friend Jed Rollins, Nick jumps into the dating world.

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  1. Unlike most other racing games at the time, Indianapolis 500 attempted to simulate realistic physics and telemetry, such as its portrayal of the relationship between the four contact patches and the pavement, as well as the loss of grip when making a high-speed turn, forcing the player to adopt a proper racing line and believable throttle-to-brake interaction.